Pipe Bueno acting in new novel received good comments

Have you seen the popular music singer pipe good acting? The couple of influencer Luisa Fernanda W will star in a soap opera on Canal RCN.

When in 2021 Luisa Fernanda W and Pipe Bueno they surprised their fans by debuting in acting, few imagined that the question would go long, much less from the singer. But that’s how things went and today we are all left with our mouths open to learn that he will be acting in a soap opera.

It also vibrates with…

After a preview of the telenovela in which he will work, it rains flowers on Pipe Bueno acting

The interpreter of cupid failed He gave his followers a preview of the telenovela in which they will be seeing him soon. It is a production of Canal RCN that will be called I dedicateand will tell a story of love and heartbreak between a couple whose way of communicating is through music.

“I know that everyone has experienced a horrible heartbreak at some point in their lives! Now the question is, how do you spend it? Listening to music or do you think that a nail pulls out another nail?? We’re almost out with «I DEDICATE IT TO YOU» by @canalrcn #TeLaDedico»

Bueno wrote when sharing the following video on his Instagram account…

These are some of the first glimpses of the RCN soap opera starring popular music singer Pipe Bueno 👀 pic.twitter.com/gff79aEYtm

— @VideoLatam (@VideoLatam1) January 14, 2022

Look at some of the comments left for the singer…

“The maximum. I do not lose it»

«I’m dying to see it yaaa!! Music is the best medicine! 🎶💖🎬🤩 #teladedico”

“I think I will watch novels again after a long time 😍😍😍!!!”

«She looks great 👏🏼 how good you look acting Pipe ayayayyyyyyy 🤩»

It should be clarified that the co-star will be the actress and singer Diana Hoyos, well known for her work in love and fear, hey pretty and more recently in nurses.

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