Phrases for when a relationship ends, dedicate them!

The phrases for when a relationship ends they turn out to be a good way to tell that person who was very special, that you are still strong despite the sad end of your love.

We have all been through one of those tusa that hurts to the soul. Many drown their sorrows in alcohol, others decide to spend it watching romantic movies and eating ice cream, but a good way to get that strong pain out of you is by dedicating some crude and real phrases that express everything you feel at the moment, but that With your words you cannot say.

If you want to learn phrases for when your partner does not take you into account or you feel that this is the opportunity to get the nail on your head and make your ex-partner feel that what is happening slips you, remember that what does not kill, does more! strong!

Phrases when a relationship ends

The wise phrase from Rikarena’s song says that «when love ends it is better to change it instead of repairing it». This sentence is very true because the second parts are generally not very good. Write down these phrases and use them to kill sorrow:

“It hurts me to think that we once said that we would be together for a lifetime. I guess you can never plan things the way you expect.”

«For those beautiful moments we spent together and for all the appreciation I still have for you, let’s not make this farewell something sad.»

«For everything I loved you and for everything I received from you, I want to thank you, even if our last time together was not so good.»

«I don’t know when your eyes stopped shining when you saw me or when I discovered that I didn’t miss your hugs.»

“I want to tell you so many things and claim you for so much, but I know there is no point. In the end, everyone will go their own way anyway.”

“Being by your side was like a dream, full of tears and joy, but now the time has come to wake up.”

«It’s sad to let you go after everything I’ve been through, but I know that after this at least I’ll have the best memories.»

«I am not ending this relationship just because I see a present that I don’t like, but because I see a future in which we are better apart.»

Philosophical phrases when a relationship ends

It is true that things should last as long as destiny wants, but sometimes, we become infatuated and cling to those loves that do not make us better. These phrases can help you bury the past and see the future with more hope:

“Missing someone special brings tears to your heart, but remembering all the good times brings a smile to your face.” Unknown.

«Not being loved is a simple misfortune, the true misfortune is not loving.» Albert Camus.

«The opposite of love is not hate, but indifference.» Elie Wiesel.

«Love is so short and oblivion is so long.» Pablo Neruda.

“Do you know the best of broken hearts? That can only really be broken once. The rest are scratches.” Carlos Ruiz Zafon.

«I no longer know what I prefer: that he hates me from the heart… Or that he loves me without love.» Ricardo Arjona.

«You can forget the one you laughed with but not the one you cried with.» Khalil Gibran.

«Never love someone who treats you like you’re normal and ordinary.» Oscar Wilde.

Separation phrases when a relationship ends

What doesn’t work, don’t get in the way! As much as there is love, the end of a relationship is simply a reset in which you have to put on makeup, put on your best look and go out and conquer the world. These phrases will help you get the best out of you:

«Just because a relationship ends doesn’t mean two people stop loving each other, they just stop hurting each other.»

“I am not abandoning you, I am letting you go, I love you, but I want us to follow a better path.”

«Even though deep down I don’t want it, I have to get ahead in my own way to find a better way.»

«I prefer to finish well now, than later without being able to speak again.»

«Right now I can only offer you my friendship and forgiveness if I hurt you.»

“When a relationship ends, it’s not the end of the world. An ending opens a new beginning.”

«If I don’t make the decision to quit, I won’t have time to make decisions that will lead me to the happiness I seek.»

«The hardest thing about realizing you don’t love me is that you’ve spent so much time pretending you do.»

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