Photo of Juan Pablo Raba as God brought him into the world

Juan Pablo Raba is very active on the networks but he has always been very decent when publishing photographs, but this time he wanted to go a little out of the ordinary and uncovered himself.

The actor He has always published on the networks about bicycles, which is his passion, about his son Joaquín Raba, but this time he wanted to leave more than one with their mouths open and the imagination will fly. Juan Pablo is in Vancouver Canada training a little and apparently he got very hot and decided to take this photo and post it, girls, you’re going to love it. Many will envy his wife, Mónica Fonseca.

The artist is preparing for the new season of the American series, Six on Historywhich narrates the daily life of some soldiers who are part of the Special Naval Warfare Development Group of the United States, who fight against terrorism on a daily basis.

Girls, there is only the question of who took it, but hey, let’s just dedicate ourselves to see.

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Information from: Pulse