Photo of Gregorio Pernía for which other celebrities bully him

Gregorio Pernía wanted to surprise his followers with a photo from when he was young, but it ended up being mocked by other celebrities.

The actor who stars in the series «Without breasts, there is paradise» is usually very active on his social networks. However, this time he wanted to shock his followers but ended up causing laughter from other celebrities. The reason?

Gregorio published a photograph on his Instagram account for #TBT where images from the year 1999 appeared, another from 2009 and the last one from 2019. In addition, he took the opportunity to accompany it with a description where he assured «The years go by… but the smile is never lost». What caught the attention was that in the 1999 photo the actor appeared with long hair and a very rock style according to the time.

Immediately, several celebrities did not hesitate for a second to comment on the image, such as: Carmen Villalobos, Sebastián Martínez, and Johanna Fadul. But the message that attracted the most attention was that of Yeison Jiménez who wrote to him “From metalhead to rancher“, which caused laughter among several of his followers.

However, Gregorio has always indicated that he likes to share funny posts with his followers like this time.

How about the photo of Gregorio Pernía that Yeison Jiménez ended up making fun of?

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