Photo of Andrea Valdiri pregnant and 18 years old: Has much changed?

She was a very young mother! That was clear with this photo of Andrea Valdiri pregnant when he was barely 18 years old and was waiting for Isabella.

The influencer Andrea Valdiri is a Barranquilla whose beginnings in the entertainment world begin when she won the 2015 Señora Colombia beauty contest; however, she rose to fame when in 2018 reggaeton singer Daddy Yankee reposted a video of her dancing to the song Hard.

And it continues to give what to talk about.

Photo of Andrea Valdiri pregnant and only 18 years old

Valdiri is the mother of the children: Isabella, the eldest, and Adhara, who came to complete her home in 2021 and with whose father she has a legal fight after allegedly refusing to do the DNA test on the little girl to confirm the paternity of Low Leon.

And it is that the also dancer was a very young mother, as was her own mother; At just 18 years old, she became pregnant with her eldest daughter, Isabella, and taking advantage of the TBT trend, she decided to remember those years with a photograph.

«#TBT pregnancy of isa, at my 18 years»

He wrote in the following story…

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