Phen-Pred Dog: Use, Dosage & Side Effects

If a dog suffers from inflammation, veterinarians will in some cases prescribe cortisone to help fight the inflammation.

One such drug is, among others Phen Pred for Dogs.

What do you have to consider with Phen-Pred for dogs in terms of application, dosage, side effects etc.? We explain that to you in the following lines.

Phen-Pred for dogs: what is it and what is it used for?

Belonging to the group of drugs containing cortisone, Phen-Pred for dogs administered primarily in inflammations that are not based on an infection lies.

Phen-Pred is supposed to help dogs, especially with painful inflammations of the musculoskeletal system – for example arthrosis or rheumatism in dogs.

Phen-Pred is also often administered to the dog afterwards as a post-operative medication – especially after operations on the joints.

Phen-Pred contains two active ingredients: phenylbutazone and prednisolone.

Phenylbutazone is a so-called non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug/NSAID, while prednisolone is a synthetic cortisol, i.e. it belongs to the cortisone group.

Phen-Pred for Dogs is available in tablet form in a concentration of 50 mg + 1.5 mg, i.e. 50 mg phenylbutazone and 1.5 mg prednisolone.

Proper use and dosage of Phen-Pred in dogs

The correct dosage of Phen-Pred in the dog is 6.66 mg phenylbutazone and 0.2 mg prednisolone per kilogram of body weight of the dog.

This dosage describes the maximum daily dose and must not be exceeded under any circumstances!

Because an overdose can have serious health consequences for the dog treated with Phen-Pred.

Not only neurological abnormalities such as cramps and tremors could be observed here. In some cases, the overdosed dogs went into comas.


Please consult your vet before using Phen-Pred on your dog and refrain from self-administering this medication to your dog!

How Long Does Phen-Pred Take to Work in Dogs?

Phen-Pred takes effect very quickly in dogs. The first improvements can be seen after 1 to 2 hours.

Hardly any veterinarian will recommend treating dogs with Phen-Pred for longer than 7 days – we will now take a close look at why this is so.

What side effects can Phen-Pred cause in dogs?

Phen-Pred can cause some side effects in the treated dogs. There are minor side effects vomiting, loss of appetite and digestive problems.

These side effects usually subside in the first few days of treatment with Phen-Pred. You should still keep an eye on them.

Maybe you’ve noticed that phenylbutazone in particular has a devilish daily dose per pound of body weight?

This is coincidence, of course, but long-term side effects include effects that are really not to be trifled with.

Good to know

Phenylbutazone has been a hotly debated drug for several years. Due to its severe side effects, it is only prescribed in exceptional cases.

The following side effects have been observed in animals treated with Phen-Pred:

  • stomach ulcers
  • changes in the blood count
  • Bone marrow damage

In addition, phenylbutazone interacts with many other active ingredients, including, for example, ACE inhibitors, whose effect is weakened.

With other medications – for example antidiabetics – the effect is increased, which in this case leads to hypoglycaemia in the dog.

And prednisolone is definitely not one of the active ingredients that a dog should be given over a longer period of time.

This is because the following long-term damage can occur here:

There may also be other contraindications, including thyroid disease and cardiovascular disease.

So if there is a possibility to treat your dog with an alternative medication, please do not hesitate to discuss this with your veterinarian!

When should I not use Phen-Pred on dogs?

Treatment with Phen-Pred in dogs must not take place if the the following diseases or health problems are present:

  • pancreatitis
  • immunodeficiency
  • blood disorders
  • Gastrointestinal Ulcers
  • Bacterial & Viral Infections
  • Functional disorders of the liver and kidneys

Puppies and young dogs should also not be given Phen-Pred to dogs.

The same applies to bitches who are pregnant or who are already suckling their puppies.

Where can Phen-Pred for Dogs be obtained?

Phen-Pred for dogs is a prescription medication that you can only obtain from a pharmacy upon presentation of a prescription.

What are the Alternatives to Phen-Pred for Dogs?

Bad experiences of your fur nose with Phen-Pred or not – an alternative like Novalgin for dogs with the active ingredient metamizol can be quite useful.

The most important thing is that the inflammation is stopped – if it is non-infectious, the active ingredient meloxicam can also help here.

This is contained in the medicines Meloxidyl for dogs and Metacam for dogs, among others.

Your veterinarian knows best which alternative may be the right one for your dog.

He will also decide what dosage of each drug is optimal for your dog.

Have you ever had to give your dog Phen-Pred? How was his experience? We would be happy if you share these and your tips with us in our comments.