Petunias, care to see them grow as it should be

The petunias and their care They are very important in gardening, especially for those who want to plant them at home to decorate their spaces.

These flowers are known for continually displaying their lush leaves outdoors. Other characteristics that draw the attention of those who want to plant petunias, is that their cultivation is usually very easy and their care is not excessive.

In case you are thinking of starting to organize a garden in your home and take care of its artificial grass or continue to increase the types of flowers that grow in it, we will tell you the details of this plant that includes at least 23 different species.

Petunias cared for in the sun or shade

If there’s one weather condition that petunias love and that makes them bloom better and more often, it’s direct sun. It is also important that you know that it needs very bright spaces and receives at least 4 or 5 hours of sun daily. Although in some cases it can grow in shady places, the plant would not reach its maximum maturity and would flower less than normal.

Petunias cared for in a pot

They look beautiful decorating the terraces! This type of plant grows very well when planted in a pot. There are very precise conditions to provide an ideal habitat, so you could take into account:

  • Avoid leaving the pot in windy areas because the cold could burn its leaves.
  • Do not gather your seeds too much in the ground and always plant several plants in the same place.
  • Give the pot good drainage at the bottom. Their roots are usually not very deep, so they need extra breathing.
  • Plant it in soil rich in nutrients and with low pH fertilizers.

Petunias care and pruning

The condition that most favors it would be that you prune it once a year from its first flowering, removing the leaves that are in poor condition or withered. This recommendation is very important because the flower would be stronger and its flowering would occur more frequently.

How are petunias watered?

This plant needs a lot of water and watering is done frequently. You should know that the flower should not be flooded for any reason, so that the soil is moist, it is enough. In case it is very hot, you should water it daily, avoiding doing it in hours of full sun.

How long do petunias last?

With very good care, the plant could last up to two years, although you will see that as time goes by its flowering will not be the same and it will even take longer to do so.

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