Pets of celebrities who live like kings

These pets are quite lucky, because their owners are not only famous but they also have a life of kings.

Many celebrities are passionate about keeping their pets as true spoiled ones, they also show off on social networks the relationships they have with their furry ones. That is why many people consider some of them to be lucky and others who have been adopted but who live a hairy life with Hollywood celebrities.

Reese witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon is in love with her puppy, which is why she constantly posts several photos and videos on her Instagram account with Pepper, a French bulldog who lives with her family.

Katy Perry

The singer has shown on several occasions that her pets are quite pampered, so on her Instagram account she looks very proud of her little Butters.

Vanessa Hudgens

Darla is one of the luckiest pets of Hollywood celebrities, her owner is Vanessa Hudends. However, she is not the only one spoiled by her because the actress has also shown other of her puppies on her Instagram account.

Paris Hilton

Some of the most famous dogs in the world, without a doubt, are those of Paris Hilton. Tinkerbell is the name that the artist gave to the chihuahua that she almost always takes to public events. However, she has several darlings who also accompany her day and night.

Sofia Vergara

Bubbles is Sofía Vergara’s pet, the actress has made it clear that she is part of her family, which is why she has also celebrated her birthday on several occasions and appears with incredible dresses.

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