Perfecta, the new Reik and Maluma

After the success ‘Friends with benefits’ ‘Perfecta’ arrives, the new Reik and Maluma, once again the Mexicans repeat formula with the paisa.

‘Perfecta’ mixes two world styles: the immortal ballads of the most listened to Mexican trio on Spotify and the iconic sound of urban singer Maluma.

“After having made ‘Friends with Rights’ the channel was left open”. “We have a mutual friend, producer Édgar Barrera, who heard what we were doing and without us being there, he showed Maluma the song and he loved it. He called us right away and we were just as happy. I think the result shows the great team we make, and it’s also a super different song from the previous one. This one is more about love, more dedicated; It would even seem like a ballad if it weren’t for the rhythm it brings”.

Words by Jesús Navarro, main voice of the Reik group.

Listen to Perfecta, the new song by Reik and Maluma

In addition to Julio Ramírez, he participated in the composition, Keityn who has collaborated on hits like Hawaii (Maluma), Tusa (Karol G), Agua (Tainy, J Balvin).

This new collaboration so far does not disappoint the millions of followers of these artists and on YouTube it already has more than 1.5 million views.

«We’ve been writing a lot of songs,» says the group. “We hope to return to the stage soon. But while We share with you this single that excites us a lot and that is just a little bit of all that material that we already want to show you.

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