Perfect lunch recipes to take to the office

There are different lunch recipes that are ideal to take to the office because they are easy to prepare and will come in handy to feel charged up.

Nothing more tiring and demotivating than getting home after a hard day’s work and having to think about the menu for the next day. Even if you love to go into the kitchen and prepare delicious dishes, you will always want to take out a quick lunch so as not to spend the whole night making a meal that remains in a container and that you have to heat up the next day at the office.

If you want to learn the best recipes with coffee or you are interested in us giving you very good recipe recommendations for easy, delicious lunches designed for a day at work, then you will be interested in this article:

Easy recipes to prepare for lunch

There are definitely days when you want to have a delicious lunch that doesn’t take up too much time to prepare. Look at these recipes that we teach you because we assure you that they will get you out of trouble:

Beans with ground beef

Home cooking has dishes that are a real delight and that are very simple to prepare. These delicious beans will be the ideal accompaniment for white rice and salty chips or some world championship fried yucas.

Find here how to make beans with ground beef, delicious!

Wok-fried cauliflower

It is true that lunchtime flies by and it is best to eat something light. Well, this recipe is incredibly delicious and very simple to make, in fact, it would only need to have chicken or meat to become a perfect dish to be full and activated for the work in the afternoon.

We tell you here how to make stir-fried cauliflower in the wok, a tremendous recipe!

Chicken Burritos

Who said an office lunch can’t be fun? It is worth taking varied and very light menus that allow you to leave room for a dessert. These burritos are super easy to make and carry to the office, so you don’t have to worry about anything other than tasting them.

Here we show you how to make chicken burritos at home to conquer the palate.

Healthy Lunch Recipes

Eating in the office cannot be synonymous with eating poorly. We want to show you other very tasty and healthy alternatives that will arouse the envy of many who will want to exchange their lunch with you:

Chicken salad

This can be one of those winning recipes that help you maintain good health while eating well. You can prepare a chicken and fresh vegetable salad in just minutes and it will be exquisite to recharge yourself on those busy days.

We show you here how to prepare chicken salad: a spectacular recipe to conquer palates.

Tuna salad with pasta

Perhaps this is one of the most classic and delicious mixtures of home cooking. Tuna and pasta were born to be together and form a smooth, delicious and easy to prepare lunch. Do not hesitate to take this magnificent recipe to the office because you are going to enjoy a heavenly moment while you eat.

Here you will learn the secrets of tuna salad, a recipe to prepare it with pasta.

Russian salad

The popular Russian or cold salad is the queen of the Colombian table. Chicken, potato, fresh vegetables and mayonnaise come together to form a dish of champions for any occasion. In addition to its lightness, its flavor is unmatched and on those stressful days at the office, your stomach will smile when you taste it.

Learn here how to prepare Russian salad, a very Colombian recipe!

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