Perenterol for dogs: application & dosage (guide)

Perenterol is a popular meansaround diarrheal diseases in humans combat and is used by some dog owners also for her fur nose deployed.

Whether and how Perenterol in the dog works, how long it should be given and which alternatives there is, you can find out here.

What do other dog owners say about perenterol for dogs?

Is Perenterol tolerated by the dog?

Since Perenterol is only about a remedy made from dry yeast acts, it is acceptable for the dog.

This does not normally apply to medicines used in human medicine.

It also does not stop the diarrhearather only supports the healing process.

perenterol detoxifies and cleanses the intestines and thereby contributes to a stable intestinal flora. It also reduces fluid loss and helps the dog recover more quickly from the condition.

Areas of application of Perenterol in dogs

Perenterol in dogs can be as well as in humans for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract be used.

Acute diarrhea is one of the most common reasons for use.

Did the dog infected with giardiathis is often reflected in Diarrhea and vomiting. Perenterol can also support the healing process here.

Giardosis is also contagious for humans and should therefore be treated quickly.

Also at the Feeding of special foods can perenterol support the intestinal flora.

What is the effect of perenterol in dogs?

In the first place, perenterol in the dog contributes to the Cleansing and stabilization of the intestinal flora at.

It binds and neutralizes toxins and helps the body break them down excrete faster. At the same time, however, it prevents the dog from doing so losing too much fluid.

The immune system of the intestine is stimulated and its own protective function is strengthened.

However it is controversialwhether perenterol in the dog actually against diarrhea works.

Dosage of Perenterol in Dogs – Capsules & Powder

Capsules are those most common form, in which perenterol occurs. For the dog can one to two capsules daily – depending on its size and weight – are given.

Junior perenterol is often used in powder form sold. Of these, about 250 mg daily and in larger dogs twice a day be administered.

How long the Perenterol is given depends on how long the diarrhea lasts.

It’s also welcome a few days after the diarrhea be given to the complete healing to support.

Side effects of perenterol in dogs

Since Perenterol no unnatural ingredients has are also in dogs no extreme side effects acquainted with it.

In some cases, however, it can lead to flatulence.

These are for the dog however no longer harmful. It’s more the owner who suffers!

What alternatives are there to perenterol?

A popular diet supplement for dogs that can also help with diarrhea is Canikur.

it comes in form of a chewable tablet and focuses on that Electrolyte Balance. This will make the reduced fluid loss and the Intestinal flora stabilized.

Anyone medicinal first avoid completely want, can do it with one chicken diet try out.

The dog should first no food for 24 hoursbut only plenty of water get to the cleanse bowel. A diet is then made until the diarrhea stops one third each of cooked rice, cooked poultry and cottage cheese fed.

When should I go to the vet?

If the diarrhea extremely strong appears, is bloody or does not return after a few daysshould definitely consulted the veterinarian become.

But even if parasites, an infection or poisoning are suspected, you should go straight to the veterinarian.

The following symptoms can point out:

  • Vomit
  • Extreme thirst
  • Refusal to eat or loss of appetite
  • Cough
  • discharge from nose or eyes
  • Abdominal pain: A hard or tight abdomen or a hunched back

Experiences – that’s what other dog owners say about Perenterol

Perenterol is for diarrhea in dogs controversialespecially since its effectiveness is often doubted becomes.

Also his tolerance for dogs doubt some dog owners. However, there are no known cases in which perenterol noticeably harmed the dog.

Most experienced dog owner advise in case of diarrhea first a feeding break insert and then boiled rice or a chicken diet to feed.

Healing earth or electrolytes in the form of food supplements are also popular ways to combat diarrhea.

Although many owners also Perenterol as supporting means recommend, most advise, this check with the vet beforehand.


Although the Efficacy of perenterol in dogs is highly controversial is, many keepers use it to Diarrhea in your four-legged friend to fight.

However, it should be noted that it does not stop diarrhea, but rather contributes to the regeneration of the intestinal microflora.

Also canicurea similar remedy for dogs, healing clay or electrolyte preparations can alternatively used become.

They all do best in combination with a rice or chicken diet be administered.

What do you usually do when your dog gets diarrhea? Have you ever tried Perenterol? Let us know what you think or what your experiences are in the comments!