Paulina Vega posed in a tiny bikini and showed her great body

Surrounded by sun, beach and sand, Paulina Vega posed in a tiny bikini and showed off her amazing body, because she looks fabulous!

The stunning former Miss Universe and presenter from Barranquilla, who in previous weeks caused a revolution in networks by posing in front of a mirror showing off a new look with which she won the praise of hundreds of admirers, once again captured all the attention but this once on behalf of a fiery photograph with which he left more than one breathless… And it is not for less!

It is no secret to anyone that the model has one of the most envied figures and faces in the world, as she constantly demonstrates it with the publications she makes through platforms such as Instagram. However, although many assure that she could not look better, she recently shared an image enjoying the beaches of Miami, with which she showed that she still bears the title of queen.

Paulina Vega posed in a tiny bikini and showed her great body

Well, in it she appears in profile in front of the camera wearing a tiny blue bikini with which she revealed all the details of her slender figure.

Of course, the reactions and comments did not wait, because so far the image has more than 215,000 «likes» and hundreds of messages in which Internet users say that despite the time, it still bears the title of ‘the most beauty of the universe.

“The most beautiful and charming woman of all time. divine! 😍💗😚”, “She is perfection made a woman wow 🤩 how beautiful she is a goddess.”, “The perfect woman does not exist….. 🤤🤤😍”, “THE BODYAAAAAA MOM 🔥🔥”, “BODYPOWER OUR MAXIMUM FOREVER ❤️” , «Pau’s hips should be insured for a lot of money hahahaha or take them to a museum…»

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