Paulina Rubio was not drunk, she was very happy!

This is how her representative made it known after they saw her very effusive on a television show, a state in which she is not commonly seen and while on social networks everyone said she was drunk.

“Absolutely false and without any foundation that rumor”said his publicist bluntly, Alberto Gomez in response to the insinuations that appeared on social networks and were picked up by some media about the status of the artist in the network’s show Antenna 3 on Monday.

“Paulina arrived happy, participatory, to a family-oriented program that she knows perfectly”added the publicist, who stressed that the golden girl He is having a happy time thanks to the fact that his single “Mi nuevo vice” leads the sales charts in Spain for the second week.

Rubio’s critics considered that the way she entered the set dancing, screaming and imitating a bull suggested that she might be drunk. Given the energy that the Mexican showed, the presenter of the program, Paul Motorcycleshe even said: «How are you Pauline?».

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In the interview, Rubio took the opportunity to talk about how her life changed after becoming Andrea Nicolás’s mother. “My properties have changed a lot”said. “I have a little boy who is the love of my life”.

Rubio, who is again fighting in court with his ex Nicolas Vallejo-Nageraalso revealed the qualities that a man who wants to conquer her heart must have.

“There has to be a point where women feel that they are having fun, that they are understood and that it seems that they listen to you”he confessed. “At least during the first dates”.

Taken from People in Spanish