Paul Walker would be in Fast and Furious 8 How so?

Although we all know that Brian O’Conner’s character said goodbye to his friend Toreto in the previous film, it seems that thanks to technology Paul would appear in some scenes of the new film.

Paul Walker He passed away in November 2013 and there was much speculation about whether he was alive away from the cameras, and now more so, after his brothers have confessed that the character he was facing will return for the next installment of Fast and furious.

“I was talking to Vin for an hour and we really discussed this issue. He wanted our blessing. Diesel asked me if it would be acceptable for us to bring back the character of Paul, so that people know that he is still there?said one of Paul’s brothers.

Apparently the role of Walker will not be replaced by another actor, but through CGI he will be included in some cameos, obviously helped by his brothers.

We must remember that the interpreter did not finish shooting Fast and Furious 7, so his relatives, through technology, posed for the cameras to finish their appearances on the tape.

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Taken from TVyNovelas