Paul Rudd! Ant-Man is the sexiest man of 2021 according to ‘People’

The people magazine spoke out and declared that the Ant Man is the sexiest man from 2021. Paul Rudd, who plays the character, still doesn’t believe her and so he made a parody of his own choosing.

If you watched the movies Ant Man or you are a follower of Marvel, surely you have seen the actor Paul Rudd, who plays Ant-Man. Although the 52-year-old actor already had a career in the world of cinema, it was this blockbuster that gave him international fame.

Before playing Marvel’s smallest superhero, Paul had worked on productions such as Virgin at 40 and in deliveries Anchorman like Brian Fantana, however, what few know is that he is also a writer and was part of the writing team of Ant Man.

Ant-Man is the sexiest man of 2021 and he broke the news with a parody

The people magazine every year chooses the sexiest man (yes, with i, because the RAE advises against the use of English writing although we use it here), a title that has been held by very handsome celebrities such as Adam Levine in 2013, Bradley Cooper (2011), David Beckham (2015), Idris Elba in 2018, and Chris Hemsworth (2014) to name just a few.

That is why this actor and writer cannot believe that he is part of this list and that is why when the announcement was made on the program The Late Show last Tuesday, November 9, the comedian also did it through a parody with which he made it clear that he doesn’t feel sexy at all.

“I’m conscientious enough to know that when people find out I’ve been chosen for this they’ll be like, ‘What? It is not false humility. There are many people who should receive it before me.”

Paul Rudd would have said in the interview he did People and that will be published next Friday, November 12.

Do you agree with this choice or does the same thing happen to you as Paul Rudd himself? Write what you think in the comments of this note, and share it on your social networks!

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