Pasta recipes that children and adults will love

The recipes of pasta They turn out to be very easy to prepare and have the particularity of being very appealing to children and adults due to their variety of flavors.

Not only in Italy do you eat good pasta. Thanks to its great popularity in the world and the diversity of ingredients with which you can play, it is that many prefer it to calm cravings and fill the stomach. Regardless of whether you make it alone, with sauce, meat, chicken, tuna or milk, pasta is and will be a must on the table in many homes.

In case you want to know how to make tomato paste and you also want to venture to prepare a world championship pasta, then these recipes are the ones for you:

Delicious pasta recipes

It is time for you to open the recipe book to add these new preparations that you may already know but have never dared to prepare at home:

carbonara paste

This recipe, which includes ingredients such as bacon, egg and cheese, is an institution of Italian gastronomy. In each bite, you will be able to discover unique flavors while enjoying the softness of the pasta with a light sauce that will be ideal to eat at any time of the day.

See here how to make pasta carbonara with a simple recipe.

pasta soup

Good recipes also come in the form of soup. This delicacy created by the gods themselves, is indicated as a starter for a delicious lunch or if you add more vegetables, it can become a main course. Give it the secret touch that you have been taught at home and pamper the soul of your guests.

We teach you here how to make homemade pasta soup.

Homemade pasta recipes

pasta with milk

Since we were children we tried this pasta that has very basic ingredients but that is a delight for the palate. Normal milk and a touch of heavy cream can make the sauce on which the pasta is cooked thick and delicious, just reminiscent of the flavors of grandma’s food

Here we show you how to make pasta with milk.

Pasta with tuna

This is a marriage that has truly lasted a lifetime. Being two normal ingredients in a market, surely you have them in the pantry and you will be able to prepare this dish right now that will be ready in the blink of an eye. All you have to do is call the whole family to the table so they can try this recipe that has a delicious white sauce.

we teach you here pasta with tuna: recipe with white sauce.

Pasta with chicken

Another one of those mixes that are unique and truly exquisite. This pasta is ideal to prepare for a special occasion as it is delicious, almost everyone likes it and it also yields a lot. You can experiment with many ingredients to prepare a base that gives it all the flavor you like.

See here how to prepare the chicken pasta recipe.

So that you have more options in the kitchen, we show you easy recipes ideal for eating on any occasion. Share all our notes on social networks.