Parenting guidelines workshop “how do my children feel when I correct them?”

Put this simple workshop on online parenting guidelines into practice so that you can improve your relationship with your children and avoid violent attitudes that can hurt both them and you.

Propose to your partner to use some free time to learn how to have a better response to family conflicts, you can also do the online parenting guidelines workshop by yourself, if you are a single mother.

Materials and steps for the workshop

They will need paper and pencil, 45 minutes of your time. Follow these steps:

  • First of all try to imagine how your children feel about you.

  • Then, draw a picture of yourself as you think your children would represent you.
  • Answer these questions, also from your children’s perspective: •What chores do my father and mother do at home? •What things do they do with me? •How do they correct me? • And me, how do I feel when he or she corrects me?
  • Share your drawings and quiz answers.
  • Write on a board or other paper the words that describe how your sons and daughters feel when they are corrected by you.

Now ask yourself what words and attitudes you use to address your children when correcting them.

Imagine new responses to conflicts, trying to avoid these actions or words that you just listed.

– Finally, draw dialogues and situations in which they are able to react lovingly and without violence to the conflict.

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