Paola Jara confirmed her relationship with Jessi Uribe

Popular music singer Paola Jara confirmed her relationship with Jessi Uribe. During an interview, the interpreter of «Bad Woman» talked about the relationship she has with the former jury of «My name is».

Although it was an open secret, the artist couple had already revealed their romance on more than one occasion; Even intimate details were revealed, such as the way they are affectionately called.

Paola Jara confirmed her relationship with Jessi Uribe

The renowned popular music singer Paola Jara finally confirmed that she would be having a love affair with the singer and jury of «Yo me llamo», Jessi Uribe.

After the rumors that were known about the controversial couple, such as their trip to Mexico or the dedications at concerts by Jessi Uribe, in addition to some videos in which they appear very caramelized; Paola Jara cleared the doubts of her followers.

Well, in the middle of an interview for a national entertainment program, the interpreter of “Pobre perro” decided to talk about it to clarify the rumors and ask, above all, for respect.

“It really is something complicated, delicate, because it is not just anything; It not only affects me, but other people are also affected by it. I ask for respect with my life and with the lives of the people who are involved because it is not just anything”.

Paola Jara

When asked about her relationship with Jessi Uribe, the now judge of «On another level» replied:

“I am going to answer as a great artist whom I admire said: what is seen is not asked and suddenly to make it clear to them a little more and so that they stop saying that we deny it or I deny it, it is not that, it is that we only have the right to keep that privacy a little bit despite be public”.

Paola Jara

We are giving each other the opportunity to get to know each other, he is a wonderful person, with whom we have many things in common, that I respect him, that I admire himand that we share and we feel very good being together (…) What happens with that relationship, with my life, with his, everything is in God’s hands, and he will know if things work further «.

Paola Jara

Finally, the popular music singer assured that «He never walked over anyone or disrespected anyone“.

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