Paola Jara and Jessi Uribe celebrate the purchase of an apartment in Miami

With champagne and joy, Paola Jara and Jessi Uribe celebrate the purchase of an apartment in Miami, USA. It is a luxury!

The controversial couple of popular music singers, whom They have been seen in recent weeks working and enjoying wonderful plans with their friends on the paradisiacal beaches of Miami, They recently confirmed a rumor that had been circulating on networks for several days.

Well, through a short video published by the interpreter of ‘Matemos las gana’ on his official Instagram account, The singers showed the small celebration they made for the acquisition of their new and luxurious apartment (with an ocean view), located right there in Miami, Florida.

This news does not take their fans by surprise, because in recent days the couple was sharing through their social networks some photographs posing on the balcony of what will be their new homeplus a short story where The singer assured that dreams do come true.

This is how Paola Jara and Jessi Uribe celebrate the purchase of an apartment in Miami

In the recording, the bumangués and the Antioqueña can be seen quite excited, opening a bottle of champagne with which they toasted the new goal that they managed to achieve together thanks to the success of their musical careers. While in the background some shouts and applause are heard from those who accompanied them in this special moment, in which they even shouted for a kiss, something that the couple fulfilled full of joy.

The Colombian artist accompanied his publication saying “NNN my love I love you. God is very good to us ❤️”to which his girlfriend replied: I love you more my love! God is wonderful“.

So far the video already has more than 145 thousand “likes” and hundreds of comments in which their relatives and followers do not stop congratulating them. Even his friends Yeison Jiménez, Pipe Peláez and Peter Albeiro they left some messages for them; the latter assuring that at the inauguration of the apartment he was going to give them glasses of champagne.

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