Outfits with knitted and open cardigans or jackets for women

You have several open bags of wool or thread, but you don’t know how to use them so as not to look bored? Here are these outfits with cardigans.

A cardigan is an open jacket, made of wool or yarn, which usually closes with buttons or a zipper, although some come without them; It is what we in Colombia know simply as a sack.

Some people use it as a jacket, however, it is a very versatile garment that you can take advantage of, it all depends on what you wear and how, and in the right look, of course.

10 outfits with cardigans that you will love

We show you some examples of how to combine a cardigan for womenbut that you look much cooler than a simple jacket.


If you have a small, form-fitting jacket, wear it as a single piece of clothing on top of your body, and don’t be afraid to show your belly button!


If you have a knitted jacket and you want to give your look a unique style, put it on your shoulders without using the sleeves, as if it were a cape; It will protect you from the cold without overheating you and you will look great.


Combine it with very tight pants or leggings, but dress it up, that is, let it go inside the pants. Be careful, this pint requires that the bag be loose.

Miti – miti

Based on the immediately previous pint, leave only the front part of it dressed; The advantage of this pint is that it does accept slightly tighter bags.


A draped open jacket is one that falls like a tunic and comes without buttons or a zipper. It is a perfect style to create a stylized figure.

with pashminas

With it being so cold and windy at times, try wearing an abundant and thick pashmina in addition to your woolen jacket or open thread, it will give your outfit a very autumnal and romantic touch.


Tiny pants in cold weather? Hmm, I don’t know, you say. But what if you cover yourself with a very long jacket? This pint works just as well for a miniskirt, so take note.

with belts

Build an hourglass figure without being cold by wearing a tight belt over your jacket.

with jackets

Exactly combining a cardigan and a jacket is an art. What we can tell you is that materials such as jeans and leather greatly favor a look like this.

with nothing underneath

If you have one long enough, you can turn it into a very sexy dress by wearing it with nothing underneath. Although it will look divine with heels, do not forget that you can combine your dress with tennis.

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