Our top 3 wheelchairs for dogs from 2023 in the test

After accidents or in old age – sometimes it happens that a dog can no longer walk. Then a dog wheelchair is very practical, because your darling gets more quality of life and can participate in everyday life again.

A wheelchair for dogs is not only very useful if your dog has to have a leg amputated, but also if you have hip and back problems. In this article I will introduce you to my top 3 products. You will also find out which criteria you should pay attention to when buying a dog wheelchair.

My wheelchair favourites

The big wheelchair for dogs test

DL pet wheelchair

This dog wheelchair from the DL brand is very easy to assemble. In order to optimally adapt the wheelchair to your four-legged friend, you can individually adjust the height, width and length. The manufacturer provides a size table for choosing a suitable wheelchair, which you can use to determine the perfect dimensions of a wheelchair.

The frame of the vehicle is made of aluminum. This material is very high quality and stable, but still light. So your dog does not have to carry around unnecessary weight.

The wheelchair is suitable for dogs and cats whose hind legs do not work properly. Ribbons are used to tie the rear legs to the wagon so they don’t drag on the ground. The wheels of the wheelchair virtually replace the hindquarters. Now your dog can walk with its front legs and set the wheels in motion. This way dogs can run and play normally.

Contrary to some rumours, dog wheelchairs do not affect bowel movements. So you don’t have to worry that your dog won’t be able to do its business when you go for a walk.


  • Assembly is easy to learn, even for laypeople, and can be done quickly.
  • The wheelchair is fully adjustable.
  • The material is stable and yet very light.
  • Your dog can move independently with the wheelchair and gains more quality of life.

  • The wheelchair may be a bit small for very large dogs.

Teabelle wheelchair

This model of a dog wheelchair also has a stable and light aluminum frame, which keeps the weight to be pulled very low. So your dog can move without much effort. Especially on uneven terrain, it is important that your darling does not have to pull too much weight over every bump.

The dog is fixed to the wheelchair with several straps. There is also an extra device for the hind legs. The straps are fully adjustable. You can adjust the length and width as well as the height individually to your dog. Even if your four-legged friend gains weight or grows, you can still use the wheelchair and don’t have to look around for a larger model.

The wheels are made of thick foam. As a result, the wheels do not sink as much, even if the ground is wet or deep. The rubber profiles ensure optimal grip on the road and off-road.

Particularly practical: the wheelchair is available in an XXS version. This model is also suitable for small kittens or very small dog breeds.


  • The wheelchair is fully adjustable.
  • The material is stable and yet very light.
  • Your dog can move independently with the wheelchair and gains more quality of life.
  • The XXS variant is also suitable for very small dog breeds and even cats.

  • Buckling up the dog is relatively complicated.

KAJILE dog wheelchair

The wheelchair for dogs from the company KAJILE is also adjustable in all directions. The manufacturer also offers a wide range of sizes so you can choose the perfect wheelchair for your dog. In the size table you can find out what dimensions you need to measure your darling.

The dog’s hind legs are hooked into a device so that they don’t drag on the ground. These suspensions are padded with rubber rings so that the straps cannot cut in.

The vehicle owes its low weight to its frame made of lightweight aircraft aluminium. The wheels are made of a PU cushioning material that is extra wear-resistant. This ensures a long service life and a lot of driving comfort. The precision ball bearings in each wheel also make a significant contribution to this.


  • The wheelchair is fully adjustable.
  • The material is stable and yet very light.
  • The wheels are wear-resistant and equipped with ball bearings.
  • Your dog can move independently with the wheelchair and gains more quality of life.

  • No known disadvantages

Purchase advice: Wheelchair for dogs

Who is a dog wheelchair suitable for?

The use of a dog wheelchair is most natural for dogs that are missing or have lost one or more legs from birth or as a result of an accident. The wheelchair replaces the legs and allows the dog to lead a relatively normal life. He can go for walks, play with other dogs and stay fit through exercise.

Sometimes you see dogs with 4 legs using a wheelchair. This can be a good help, especially for hip and back problems. It relieves the affected body parts and thus reduces the pain. Therefore, it is not uncommon for animals to use wheelchairs for chronic pain. Even after an operation, a wheelchair for dogs can ensure that the affected regions can heal in peace and are not overly stressed.

You should pay attention to these criteria when buying a dog wheelchair

A wheelchair is a great tool for handicapped dogs. In order for it to function properly, it must fit optimally. Otherwise your four-legged friend may not be able to walk properly, it may slip or pinch.

A little hint: Dog backpacks are just as practical. This means that small dogs in particular can be carried and relieved over short distances.

A perfect fit of the harness is therefore very important. It must neither be too narrow nor too wide. When buying, also note that the harness is adjustable. Then you can adjust it as your dog gains or loses weight or grows. Adjustable straps are also useful if you want to use the wheelchair for another dog. When your dog is wearing the harness and is “harnessed” to the wheelchair, it should not touch the frame of the wheelchair when it moves. This can lead to pain over time.

It is also important that a dog wheelchair is as light as possible so that your four-legged friend does not have to pull too much weight. If the wheelchair is too heavy, it may be that your dog quickly loses strength or does not want to move because it is too strenuous.

Pneumatic tires can also contribute to the ease of movement of the wheelchair. In contrast to tires made of plastic, tires with pneumatic tires enable better handling. The wheels are so easy to pull, even on uneven paths. Repairing pneumatic tires is also easier. All you need is a repair kit for bicycle tires.

Wheelchairs for dogs Experiences: How are wheelchairs accepted by dogs?

Basically, dogs have no problem walking in a wheelchair. On the contrary: most dogs who could not walk at all or only slowly due to pain or missing limbs really thrive in a wheelchair. Because this enables them to move much more and faster again. The quality of life increases greatly.

It is important that you gradually get your dog used to the wheelchair. Depending on the character of your fur nose, it may be that he is skeptical about the new vehicle at first. Then only a lot of patience and praise will help. Your dog needs to associate the wheelchair with something positive, so reward every step, no matter how small. Once your four-legged friend understands how the wheelchair works, there will be no stopping them.

It is best to let your four-legged friend explore the wheelchair alone at the beginning. Put the vehicle within reach and see what happens. Most dogs will eventually become curious and take a closer look at the new «thing». When that happens, the initial skepticism has already been overcome. The next step is to put your dog in the harness. For this, your dog should already be familiar with a normal harness, for example from walks. If your dog puts up with the «tightening» patiently, he will be rewarded and released again.

If your dog tolerates the wheelchair relaxed, you can start to lure your darling to you with a treat or a shout. The first steps may still look a bit uncertain and shaky. Nevertheless, reward every step and you will see that your dog will trust the wheelchair more and more and appear more and more self-confident.

Only when your four-legged friend can safely use the wheelchair on their own should you allow other dogs. Because when playing, things can sometimes get pretty wild, so that dogs that are not yet at peace with themselves and the wheelchair quickly feel uncomfortable.
It is very important that you give yourself plenty of time to get used to it. It will be worth it, because once your dog realizes that he can move independently again, he will have a whole new quality of life again.

Conclusion: wheelchair for dogs

In our test, the wheelchair for dogs from KAJILE won. The customer ratings are consistently very good, so far there have been no negative comments.

The wheelchair is very light and extremely durable thanks to the choice of high-quality materials. Like all the products presented, the height, width and length can be easily and individually adjusted. In this way you can optimally adapt the wheelchair to the needs of your dog.

The brackets with rubber padding ensure a comfortable fit. Even if your dog walks/drives with the wheelchair for a long time, it will not rub or push if adjusted correctly.

A huge selection of sizes completes the very good overall package of the KAJILE wheelchair for dogs.