«Our house» of Canal RCN will have a change, low rating?

the new program «Our house» of Canal RCN has not been on the air for long since it replaced «Breakfast» and they are already talking about radical changes due to the low rating.

Some viewers believe that the program will change its duration, since the promotions of two new soap operas on the channel have begun to rotate.

Although they have not publicized the times in which the two novels will be broadcast, it is known that one will be in the morning and the other at noon.

The drastic decision comes prematurely, «Our house» It premiered recently and there is even talk of the possible cancellation of the program.

Will Our House of Canal RCN go off the air?

Let us remember that “Nuestra casa” was the replacement for «Breakfast» and although it kept some characters from the previous program, Canal RCN could not prevent the departure of Yaneth Waldman.


Currently the program is broadcast from 8:30 a.m. and goes until 12:30 p.m.which means that obviously if it does not go off the air, at least part of it will stop being broadcast.

To the problems of the program are added the comments of the possible departure of Diana Mina, a companion on the set of Ivan Lalinde, and Silvia Corzo.

About Diana they say that her attitude with the people around her on the set of «Our house» It’s not very nice, even, which has made some of the make-up artists on the show cry.

Even viewers have talked about the mistake in Diana’s participation in «Our house» of Canal RCNSome agree that the former queen does not have the charisma to carry out her work.

Diana Mina definitely doesn’t have any charisma, not to mention the newly enlightened Silvia Corzo. They muddied it ugly.

– Carlos Zuñiga (@cmzp) March 2, 2020

@NuestraCasaTV Terrible change, boring, Diana Mina overreacted, Silvia Corzo recites the topics like a girl repeating the lesson, decide what she wants to be, whether she is a journalist, presenter, lawyer or lecturer. She is jumping from channel to channel.

— AnaG (@SHELA0503) March 10, 2020

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