One of them will be The New Voice Vibra

We know that you want to hear in Vibra a person who speaks like you, who feels like you, this is The New Voice Vibrates.

The DJ that will accompany us must be a #VibraLover and one of these women is very close to being one.

This is how we chose our three finalists:

In minutes we will meet the three finalists of #LaNuevaVozVibra Tell us here which one is your favorite?

Posted by Vibra on Wednesday, May 8, 2019

We also ask you which of them should be the winner of the contest…

This is how we announce our 5 finalists…

This is how we present our 10 finalists of the New Voice Vibra.

#6. Laura Valentina Contreras Olmos

#7. Anna Maria Galvis

#8. Daniela Penuela

#9. Alexandra Rojas

#10. Karla Patricia Puentes Gonzalez

On March 30 at the facilities of The locutory and next to Alex Pinilla, Jao Bonilla and David Rodriguez, we fulfilled the third phase of our call.

@ElLocutorioDC welcomes the participants of #TheNewVozVibra @soydavidrc @JaoBonilla

— @ (@vibra_co) March 30, 2019

They are our participants #TheNewVozVibra Good luck!

— @ (@vibra_co) March 30, 2019

This has been the journey that our #LaNuevaVozVibra participants have taken

This was the way of our participants were 60 women in total.

Congratulations to all the women who dared to share their talent with us, we are proud that you are our Vibra listeners!!!!

This is the sample of the talent of some of our listeners auditioning, wait for more videos…