On which finger to use each ring to attract energies?

Did you know that depending on where you wear your jewelry, you attract different types of astral energies? I tell you on which finger to wear each ring.

Those who believe in the power of metals and precious stones to attract or repel energies from the Universe to various aspects of their lives, know that rings are capable of channeling them.

That is why it is not the same to put a ring on your left ring finger than on your right index finger, because depending on where they are placed, they channel different types of energies.

We tell you which finger to use each ring according to the energies

Keep in mind that the left hand represents the reception of ideas, and the right hand represents action and achievement, determining whether you receive or give out astral energy.

1. Index

Wearing a ring on your index finger (associated with the planet Jupiter) can improve your communication skills and your self-confidence. If what you want is to convince someone in particular, use it on the right hand when you talk to that person.

2. Heart or middle finger

Associated with the planet Saturn, by putting a ring on your middle finger you can increase your intuition, making you more insightful and perceptive of everything around you. If you are excessively sensitive, it is better not to wear any ring on that finger of the left hand.

3. Override

Although this finger on the left hand has a direct connection to your heart, on both it has the power to channel your creativity; that is why it is associated with the Sun, giver of life.

4. Pinkie

Mercury is the planet that rules the smallest of your fingers and perhaps that is why it represents change. Wear a ring on it when you need to open doors, find opportunities, and even change the course of your life.

5. Thumb: Finger where not to wear a ring for blessings

Just as you read it. This finger, ruled by Mars and Venus, is strongly associated with personal will and free will; That is why experts in astrology recommend not using rings on it, unless you are initiated in the astrological arts and know how to handle this type of energy.

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