On video, Guy Ecker invited his fans to see the remake of ‘Café’

Through a video on Instagram, Guy Ecker invited his fans to see the remake of ‘Coffee, with the scent of a woman’. Did you like her?

Since the RCN channel and Telemundo network announced the production of a new version of the well-remembered Colombian telenovela ‘Coffee, with the aroma of a woman’Internet users flooded the networks with thousands of comments and divided opinions about it.

Although some were quite expectant to see the handsome Cuban actor William Levy as Sebastian Vallejo already the renowned actress Laura Londoño as Seagull (among other cast members), there were those who simply did not like the idea, as they claimed that nothing will ever match the original version of 1994 starring Guy Ecker and Margarita Rosa de Francisco.


Many would even believe that these original actors do not like the idea of ​​a «retread» either, but it seems that they do! Well, both the Colombian and the actor of Brazilian nationality have agreed with this production.

So much so that the same Ecker recently sent a message to his fans not to miss out on this wonderful story. that takes place in the best landscapes of Quindío. A show!

This is how Guy Ecker invited his fans to see the remake of ‘Café’

Well, since the telenovela has not yet premiered on Telemundo, the actor recorded a video in which he very excited recalled his experience playing this well-remembered heartthrob and inviting everyone to enjoy not only the music but also «a love story that transcends all generations.»

“20 years ago I had the great pleasure and honor of playing Sebastián Vallejo in the first version of woman-fragranced coffee. I am excited because Telemundo is doing a new version in the same coffee plantations that made them fall in love the first time and they will be able to enjoy those wonderful songs, but above all they will enjoy that love story that transcends all generations.”

It should be noted that in Colombia This telenovela premiered on May 10 and despite the fact that many are still not convinced, the production has had good rating numbers.

And you, Have you seen the remake of ‘Coffee’? Do you like or prefer the original version? Tell us in the comments and don’t forget to share this note on all your networks!