On a day like today Soraya was born

On a day like today March 11 but in 1969 he was born in New York the singer-songwriter Soraya Raquel Lamilla Cuevas better known as Soraya, of Colombian descent, who died on May 10, 2006 when he was 37 years old, had been diagnosed breast cancer six years before his death.

At five years old, Soraya became interested in the guitar, so he began to play in a self-taught way guided solely by his taste for music, thanks to that ability he also took classical violin classes and being part of the Youth Symphony Imanaged to step on stages like the Carnegie Hall in New York.

One of his great musical influences was his British idol Sting Well, she said that she felt obsessed with her songs.

When she was in high school she discovered her taste and passion for literature, so it was not difficult to unite her two passions and become a singer-songwriter. During her academic period she studied English literature and thoroughly researched authors such as William Shakespeare.

In nineteen ninety six debuted in the musical world with the album ‘Tonight’ of which, the subject ‘Suddenly’ was number in the lists of Billboard Latin Pop Song. Soraya simultaneously launched Spanish and English versions of this work, which ensured success both in Latin America like in USA.

‘Ivory tower’ was released in 1998 and meant touring with Sting, Alannis Morisette, Michael Bolton and Natalie Merchant.

Year 2000 was of mixed emotions, because the joy of launching his third production ‘Body and soul’ she was overshadowed by the cancer she was diagnosed with. It was stage 3 breast cancer, a disease that had extinguished the lives of her aunt, her mother and her grandmother.

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An intense treatment controlled the disease and he was able to return to the world of music. she recorded ‘Soraya’ in 2003, an intimate album full of message. Hence the cut ‘Almost’ which is a hymn to life according to Soraya. This record earned the Colombian-American singer the award Latin Grammy 2004 as Best Singer-songwriter.

History of your departure:

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Soraya had a relapse and her health remained critical, so she wrote a letter to her fans:

” My physical history may come to an end, but I am sure that the one that exists in your hearts will continue to be present for eternity. I trust that my existence will leave a mark on your lives, benefiting many women in the future and that the light of my life will illuminate that of many more families, ”says the letter he published on her website.

«Today I do not lose this battle because I know that what I have fought is not in vain, but rather that it will help to win a greater battle, that of early detection and prevention of this terrible evil,» the letter adds.

“Now it’s your turn to continue with our mission. I sincerely wish to infect you with my love of life and that you be a channel that brings this message to many people that can save their lives. I ask you to understand the opportunity you now have to prevent an enemy that can end your life,» the document adds.

«Only For You»- Soraya


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Soraya Performed “De Suddenly” in Viña del Mar 2004

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