Office makeup with which you will look very professional

This is the office makeup used by successful, empowered women who are also admired by everyone at work.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just an intern or already a manager, personal image is everything at work; and makeup plays a very important role in it.

Although they say that less is more, science indicates otherwise. According to a study conducted by the universities of Chicago and California, girls who wear makeup can earn up to 20% more than those who don’t.

But not just any makeup…

This is the best makeup for office

In the first place, you must bear in mind that fashions are temporary, so it is not advisable to throw yourself into makeup according to the latest, but do it according to your features.

You should try to look like you didn’t spend five minutes putting on your makeup (even if you spent an hour in front of the mirror) to get a casual and natural look.


Use a long-lasting one, since you will stay at least 12 hours in the office and you will want to look the same at 6 pm as at 8 am Remember to seal it with powder and touch up frequently.


Use brown tones, which are associated with seriousness, practicality, stability and a sense of belonging. Avoid iridescent and shiny shadows, preferring opaque ones.

You can also use eyeliner to highlight your eyes more. If you decide to use black color, make it look natural with the tightline technique, that is, applying it to the inner part of the upper eyelid.

The lash is essential, but you’re not going to a party, so apply only one coat, maximum two, if you have few or too short lashes.

Lipsthe final touch of your office makeup

The ideal is to use a nude tone with enough brightness; occasionally also red, but make sure they are opaque and do not stain your teeth with color.

Finally, avoid using Kardashian-style contour and highlighter, as this type of makeup is more suitable for events, photographs and social networks.

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