Of these types of crepes, choose your favorite and we will reveal your hidden personality

A crepe is like a person: although they all have the same base, each one has an essence that makes it unique. That’s why your favorite types of pancakes reveal who you really are.

Did you know that depending on your favorite crepe it is possible discover hidden aspects of your way of being? Yes, this is how you read it; the combinations of flavors that your palate loves can be associated with a dish like this because you always ask for the same one. Similar people decide on similar crepes.

Of the following types of crepes, which do you prefer?

The first one you click will be the one will reveal an aspect of your personality that you try to keep hidden from others. The next two or three you choose will reveal other secondary but complementary traits.

You will ask yourself “what about the sweet ones? Don’t worry, we have those to soak for another time.

Also, if you did not find yours in the list, write it in the comments and we will ask our profiler to do your personalized reading.