Of the Spanish pop singers, which one has the best voice?

Listen to the most beloved Spanish pop artists on Vibra and tell us which of them you think sings the best.

This Saturday of Good Vibra is dedicated to Spanish artists, but it is the women who stand out for their powerful voice and strong interpretations, that is why at Vibra.FM we dedicate ourselves to looking for their songs so that compare and decide which of them is the best singer.

She dances Alone (When the frogs dance flamenco)

Marilia Andrés and Marta Botía formed this duo, whose harmony still gives us goosebumps, doesn’t it?


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Baby (Bad)

This singer-songwriter, whose real name is María Nieves Rebolledo Vila, is also an actress and gained international fame with this song that we share with you now, which talks about the mistreatment of women.

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Martha Sanchez (desperate)

Although he had previously belonged to the group Olé Olé, it was with the theme desperate that the Spanish Marta Sánchez achieved success at the international level.

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Amaia Montero (roses)

Although she has had an interesting solo career, we remember her for the songs she immortalized alongside La Oreja de Van Gogh.


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Natalia Jiménez, from La Quinta Estación (Anything else)

She, along with Ángel Reyero (guitar) and Pablo Domínguez Villarubia, formed the group La Quinta Estación, and worked together during the first decade of this century, producing hits like this:

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Beatriz Luengo (like you there are not two)

Spanish composer, singer, actress, dancer and businesswoman; she rose to fame with her single like you there are not twoincluded in his record work Bela and her dead moskitas.

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Malu (black and white)

María Lucía Sánchez Benítez, known as Malú, is a very successful singer, so much so that she has sold more than 2,500,000 records. Today we remember her with her song black and white:

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Ana Torroja, from Mecano (cross of knives)

This list could not miss the sweet voice of the leader of one of the most important Spanish groups of all time: Mecano, also made up of the brothers Nacho and José María Cano. A whole classic!

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Soledad Giménez, of Presumed Implicated (As we have changed)

Together with Pablo Gómez and Juan Luis, Soledad was part of another unforgettable Spanish trio: Presuntos Implicados, who left us songs like this, an anthem of childhood friendships…

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Which of them do you think has a better voice or sings better? Write us your opinion in the comments of this note.