Of the directors of ‘The Agency’, which one would you like to see come out of the competition?

Definitely, The agency of Snail Channel has caught the attention of many viewers, not only because of its contestants but also because of the personality of each of its directors.

in reality things are getting harder and harder, Well, not only is the tension felt between the participants, but it has also begun to be noticed among the directors.


Catalina Maya, Carolina Castro and Belky Arizala fight for a place to go to the final and win the jackpot. However, one of them has caused anger among the followers of the program and that is why they did not hesitate to tell her that she was “arrogant and self-centered”.

This is the director of the Fuchsia Agency, Catalina, who has even received several threats on her social networks. For that reason, she herself was in charge of displaying her negative comments on her Instagram account and the one that attracted the most attention was one where she was told “Sapa lambona is what it is, wherever I catch it, I helmet it”.

Which of the directors of The Agency do you want out?

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With information from: Protagonist