Of all the photos of Melina Ramírez, this is the most criticized

Melina Ramírez’s photos on Instagram draw a lot of public attention for her beauty, however, with this they were dispatched in criticism.

Melina Ramírez is going through one of the best moments in her career as a presenter and model; it is not a surprise, then her beauty is evident.

If you take a look at his Instagram account you will realize how successful he is among his followers, who generally they fill her with compliments for each photo who shares

Of the photos of Melina Ramírez, why do you criticize this one?

It seemed to many of her followers that Melina was wearing too much makeup and, in addition, Photoshop had been abused.

After this diva’s post, Negative comments and criticisms swarmedbut most were removed.

Here are some of them…

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