Objects with holes that you did not know what they are for

Many times we believe that certain parts of everyday things are just for decoration, but they have their uses. Here we reveal the uses of some objects with holes.

In industrial design they say that each and every one of the parts that make up an object must respond to the needs of the user; it is because of that some everyday objects can have strange partssuch as bumps and holes, which at first do not give us a clue as to their use, but which they do have and can sometimes be so obvious that they are puzzling: how come we did not figure it out?

5 objects with holes that have an incredible use

Some utensils have one or several holes, which may have unsuspected uses, although we imagine that they are only there for decoration. We share a list with some of them.

Why do the caps of some pens or ballpoint pens have a hole at the top?

This hole serves to prevent a person from accidentally swallowing it and suffocating, since air can pass through this hole while medical help arrives.

Why does the padlock have a hole?

This little hole is used for padlocks that are used outdoors and its function is to let the rainwater run off and come out of the inside of it and not rust or damage the lock mechanism and its parts.

Extra holes in the shoes

These extra holes in your sneakers are put there so you can adjust the laces to your needs, whether you want them tighter, or looser up, or down, etc.

Hollow in the handle of some pans

Believe it or not, this little hole is designed so that you put the handle of the spoon there and that the other end is right on what you are preparing.

Oval cubicle in the lid of the Tic Tac

Although it is not a hole as such, on the inside of the lid of these small sweets there is a kind of oval compartment exactly the size of a unit and it is used for what you imagine: to put a sweet there in order to offer it and share it.

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In what other objects do you know parts with obvious but unknown functions? Write the answer to this question in the comments, and share this note on your social networks! Your contacts will be left with their mouths open.