Not to believe! Model opened her OnlyFans because Diosito asked her to

A model opened her OnlyFans because god He asked for it, according to what he told his fans through his social networks.

There are stories that are definitely quite curious all over the world. One of the platforms that has gained the most followers today is OnlyFans. Many models, actresses and ordinary people have decided to open their profiles there because they receive attractive sums of money as payment for the adult content that is promoted.

Money is a good reason to be part of this network and it is that recently, the list of the famous Colombians who bill the most in OnlyFans was revealed. Of course, what had rarely been seen was that a model had such a heavenly reason to open an account there because, according to her, God himself asked her to do so.

Not to believe! Model opened her OnlyFans because Diosito asked her to

This woman to whom a revelation was made from heaven is Nita Marie. She classifies herself as a Christian model and surprised many by confessing that she would be sharing her intimate content because that is what «God wants me to do”.

Nita Marie has been manifesting through her writings on social networks that she saw this alleged request from God as a mission that he gave her to motivate women in their sexuality. At the same time, the model expressed when consulted by the international press that “That experience helped me to seek Christianity and build a relationship with Christ on a personal level, instead of one full of doctrine written by men thousands of years ago”.

To justify her decision to be in the realm of modeling with adult content, she said “When I started modeling, I had a lot of Christian friends and family who rejected me. However, I asked God if he wanted me to continue and the answer was always yes.

Now, Nita Marie has more than 953,000 followers and earns around 1.8 million dollars a year, about 7 billion Colombian pesos.

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