Not getting fat: how to keep the figure without leaving home?

The challenge that many people face these days is how not to gain weight when we are at home all day. Here some tips.

Millions of people we wage a daily battle against the extra kilos because of our increasingly sedentary lifestyle, but especially because of the social distance that many have at home.

5 keys to not gain weight in quarantine

That is why we give you 5 simple, concise and to the point keys; follow them and you will not gain weight. Remember that it is estimated that during the quarantine period we will gain between 3 and 5 kilos fortnightly.

control what you eat

Experts estimate that in a weight loss process, diet influences 80 percent, while exercise only 20. And it is easier for your body not to consume extra calories than to burn them.

make healthy market

To avoid temptations, when shopping avoid buying foods rich in fats, sugars and white carbohydrates (not whole grains); instead buy a variety of fruits, vegetables and lean proteins.

keep your routine

Get up at the time you used to, take a shower, get dressed, and try not to raid the fridge every five minutes. We know that the home office is difficult; What you should do to reduce anxiety is to keep yourself busy and eat fruit or vegetables every three hours.

exercise daily

And it’s not just to not get fat; It is scientifically proven that being physically active improves defenses. Exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes every day, whatever, dance, jump, walk…

Let’s drink! But water…

Did you know that sometimes we eat just because we are thirsty? We simply confuse the brain signal of thirst with that of hunger. Remember that we should drink 8 glasses of liquid a day. If you do, you will eat less.

Plus, there are plenty of other activities you can do during quarantine to take your mind off food, like family board games, to name just one.

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