Norman Capuozzo finally talked about his relationship with Lina Tejeiro

Businessman Norman Capuozzo finally spoke about his relationship with Lina Tejeiro. What did she say she?

In the past, Internet users wondered on social networks what had happened between the Venezuelan and the actress and why they had decided to separate, but little had been referred to the subject, until now.

Norman Capuozzo finally talked about his relationship with Lina Tejeiro OMG!

In 2019, the networks exploded when it became known that after Lina Tejeiro ended up with the singer Andy Rivera, she The businessman Norman Capuozzo had started a new relationship.

Everything seemed to be rosy,s the new couple made romantic trips to European destinations such as Italy and Spain; however, unexpectedly, the relationship came to an end.

At first, the actress stated that it was not a total waste of time, because the breakup had happened because the two had different priorities.

So far Norman had avoided bringing up the subject, but recently decided to answer his followers through a question session on your Instagram account.

One of his followers asked: «What happened to Lina Tejeiro?».

What The Venezuelan replied:

“Well, since you insist on this question, I can only tell you that it was nice while it lasted and that it surely left us with good learning for both of us and that I will always wish her all the best for her”, was her response and with which I stayed as «a gentleman».

Norman Capuzzo

This reflects that the rupture between the protagonist of The law of the heart and the businessman would have been on good terms.

Does Lina Tejeiro plan to return with Andy Rivera?

On these days There are rumors about the supposed return of the actress with the interpreter of Somebody like me, This is because in recent days Tejeiro confessed that she was not single.

And you, Do you think the actress is back with the reggaeton singer? Tell us in the comments!

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