Nobody expected it, Carlos Vives will remarry

Carlos Vives has drawn attention for his musicnew releases, but this time the leading role was taken by his relationship with former queen Claudia Helena Vásquez.

We have witnessed the love of Carlos Vives with Claudia Elena Vásquezso much so that the couple decided to renew their wedding vows, everything is ready for the big day. In fact, the artist and his entire family have already arrived in Santa Marta because one day before the wedding they plan to hold a party for all the guests.. This celebration will be held at the Liceo Celedón School and the friends and relatives of the already married couple are invited, as well as several personalities from the show business.

The previous party will have a special theme, since Carlos Vives and Claudia Elena decided that it would be something vintage, with a touch focused on the fifties. It should be remembered that the couple had already married in 2008 although at that time they did it in secret, so this time they plan to do it in style, not only will it be the ceremony but celebrities will have a good honeymoon season Well, the artist is on vacation for the rest of August and in September he will start his renewed tour.

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Information from: Protagonist