Nipples of this Russian model cause a stir

Helga Lovetaky is a well-known Russian model, they surely remember her, she was involved in some gossip with James RodríguezAccording to what happened, she is supposedly the cause of the divorce between Daniela and James.

As is normal for celebrities, they are very active on social networks and this model is recognized for posting photos on her Instagram showing her body and they are quite sensual and hot, so much so that she came to show her nipples.

In just 7 hours of being published, the image became his post with the most interactions in the last 30 days; it exceeded 108,000 ‘likes’ and 1,300 comments.

«It’s cold», «daring» or «what beautiful nipples», were some of the reactions of his followers.

Remember that we had already told you the model entered rumors about the breakup of Daniela Opsina and James Rodríguez, but everything dissipated when it became known about the rudeness that James made to Lovekaty during the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

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Information from: Pulse