Night owls are smarter and make more money

Researchers made 1,000 teenagers of the University of Madrid complete tests that measure the performance school and the inductive intelligence.

The study found that nocturnal people get a higher score in inductive reasoning, which is a sign of general intelligence and a good predictor positive academic performance.

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Inductive reasoning is also linked to prestigious occupationswhere the people earn higher income.

Another study found that people who they enjoy being awake during the night tend to be more smart than those who are resting.

The study also found that US Air Force recruits who are more awake at night are more likely to have the ability to think laterally than their morning counterparts.

The study it does not mean that staying up late makes you smarter, but people with higher IQs and intelligence tend to stay up later.

Then no, you can’t be smarter Just forcing you to stay up late. I am sorry.

Other studies have also investigated different populations to help understand what sleep habits mean for intelligence.

Scientists from the University of Chicago and the Northwestern University analyzed the scores of the GMAT of students from MBA in 2014 .

They found that GMAT scores were significantly higher among the night owls than among early risers for both men and women.

But before you start adjusting your replay schedule, know this:

There is one thing that goes against night people: the school and work performance.

Unless you work the night shift, your schedule is more likely to be up all night make you worse at school and work.

After observation, the study found that achievement levels among nocturnal people were rated lower in a eight percentcompared to people with morning habits.

Society’s need for daytime schedules seems to divert nocturnal people from achieving a broader and optimal development.