Nicholas Symmes review: Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

Flip phones have been gaining significant ground in the phone market. It is that these devices have become a different way of relating to screens. One of the best examples is the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2phone of the South Korean brand, that in its second version, we see great changes and improvements that transform it, in my opinion, into the most powerful folding today.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

We must start by clarifying that the Samsung Galaxy ZFold 2is a hybrid between a telephone Y tablets which has evolved inside and out from its previous version. And the truth is that having a super screen was something that I didn’t know I needed, but I discovered it from the moment I started enjoying the multitasking experience.

The internal large screen (open phone), is a 7.6″ FullHD+ Dynamic AMOLED with resolution 2,208 x 1,768, which delivers a complete user experience, with impressive quality to run from videos to running games with a large amount of graphics. On the other hand, the external screen is a super 6.2-inch HD+ AMOLED with resolution 2260×816, which you will use mainly on a day-to-day basis. It happens to me that despite the fact that I used both screens, I think that the closed phone will be used outside your home and open when you stop or are in a comfortable place.

In this device, we have a processor Snapdragon 865+, the evolution of the most powerful processor in Qualcommwhich together with 12GB RAM and storage UFS 3.1a recent standard and with theoretical improvements in speed and energy efficiency, deliver amazing power that will allow you to use the phone with admirable fluidity regardless of how you use it.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

In fact, you won’t even notice the use of multiple open applications when working on mobile. And note that the storage space is 256GBwhich is ideal for what you need to save on the device.

If there is something that impresses precisely with having several applications open at the same time, it is the multitasking function of the device. It is that thanks to the alliance between Samsung Y microsoftwe can use the Office as if we were on a computer, this because the Fold 2 allows up to three different applications to be open and in the foreground. For example, we can edit a photo, edit a word and send an email within the same screen. For those of us who work with mail and editing, I think it’s too incredible an option.

Another interesting topic is when you want to write, because it allows you to fold the screen with an angle of 90 degrees, as if it were a computer. The keyboard will appear in the lower half, while the message will be in the upper half. And the best thing is that if you need to take a screenshot, we can choose the app or apps that interest us, without having to close anything. Without a doubt, the multitasking option is the highlight of the cell phone.

Special mention for the function of dragging and dropping elements, being able to move images, text, a file, etc, from one app to insert it in another. Works in applications microsoftin gmail, WhatsApp, and in own apps such as gallery, browser, messages, files and notes. Very practical!

Moving on to the favorite subject of most, the cameras are another important milestone within the phone. In fact, we have five cameras, starting with a triple rear plus two front cameras, one on the cover with the phone closed, and the other on the large internal screen. The back is the classic Samsung, with three sensors of 12 megapixels (an ultra wide angle with F2.2 aperture, a wide angle with double pixel size F1.8 and a telephoto with optical zoom of x2 and F2.4). The two front cameras are sensors of 10 megapixels and F2.2.

Being able to fold, we have a unique advantage when it comes to taking selfies, this because we can do them using the triple rear camera, which is wonderful. I want to highlight the impressive quality of being able to take a selfie with all the quality of the main camera, including night mode or high-quality videos. I really think that phone companies should work more on their front cameras, because in my opinion it is the one we use the most. And as for the video, it’s stable and sharp at 4k resolution.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 comes with a fingerprint reader, which is on the side, being able to store up to four fingerprints, and the classic facial recognition that works very simply. It also has stereo speakers, one on each side, which provide high-quality sound. Legend

Another important point to achieve a duration of use throughout the day is its dual battery of 4,500mAh. The truth is that in my experience, charging it every night, it gave me 12 to 14 hours of autonomy without problems (despite the fact that my use is extreme). The fast charge duration times are interesting, with something like an hour and a half to reach the full charge, and about 40 minutes reaching 50% of the charge, which will save us from the need to charge it in the day if you forget to plug it in at night. Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

In summary, we are facing in my opinion the best phone of the year, with impressive features and great changes in the way we interact with our cell phones. I think that if you are from the team of big teams, this could be your dream cell phone, with a tremendous platform to work and entertain yourself.

The cameras, the battery, the processor and its multiple options make it an ideal cell phone for a public that loves to have the office at hand, even a gamer, who has the performance resources to run the video game that comes to mind. And I absolutely highlight the option to take selfies with the rear camera, something that I really loved and will surely be replicated in other Samsung models. !Highly recommended!