Never paint your cat’s hair!

Although the videos of colored cats are viral, it is something that we do not like, because it hurts us a lot.

Hello, I’m Colette, the blogger cat of Vibra.FM, and today I’m here to alert you about the dangers of painting the hair of kittens like me. On several occasions, different videos have appeared on the internet that show cats with colored hair: pink, green, etc., and they are so successful that they go viral; however, the truth is that we like our natural colors, and if you dye our hair, we will lick convulsively, which can intoxicate us or, at least, stress us a lot.

the pink kitty

A few years ago, the news of a Russian model who painted her cat pink to match her costume, with which she went to a party, became famous; This story has been revived several times on the internet, and the truth is that she was sued, with good reason, for animal abuse. It was also reported that the animal had died of intoxication, but later the same owner reported that it was only sick.

the green cat

Last year, the case of a green cat that appeared on the streets of a Bulgarian city became famous. It caused a lot of outrage on social networks before it became known that the animal had not been deliberately painted, but had acquired that color by contact with a chemical. The little animal was obviously not feeling well, I hope they picked him up for a bath!

the purple cat

A few weeks ago, a purple cat appeared in Fort Worth, Texas (USA). A neighbor of the sector saw him wandering around his residential complex and took him to the city’s Humane Society. There they tried to remove the color with baths but it was not possible, so they baptized him Fuchsia and put him up for adoption. Veterinarians say he is in good health. (If you can’t see the full screen of the video, please rotate your device horizontally.)

crazy hairdressers

I found a bunch of crazy hairdressers in Russia, who not only paint cats (and other animals) but also make hair sculptures out of their hair. Some will say that if they don’t use toxic dyes it’s not bad, but I, as a cat, I can assure you that seeing and smelling different makes us very depressed. Don’t do these things to us!

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