Neighbors actors years after the premiere

This is how they changed actors of Neighboursthe soap opera on Canal Caracol, which told the stories of the inhabitants of a building.

This telenovela (Colombian version of the Mexican series of the same name) tells the story of a taxi driver (Róbinson Díaz) and Tatiana Gómez (Flora Martínez) in the middle of a building full of peculiar characters.

Almost a decade has passed since its premiere, so we ask ourselves, what do the celebrities who starred in it in 2011 look like today? Look:

1. Robinson Diaz (Oscar Leal Leal)

The paisa actor continues unstoppable in his television roles. It is worth highlighting the enormous success of his character Milton Jiménez ‘El Cabo’, who went from The frog’s sign a The Lord of the heavens. After the scandal over his alleged affair with Sara Corrales (which would have occurred during the recordings of Vecinos), he returned with his wife, also an actress Adriana Arango.

2. Flora Martinez (Tatiana Gomez)

The last time he appeared on the small screen was in Chemafrom Telemundo, since she decided to dedicate herself to her role as a singer, a career that she promotes through her social networks.

3. Luis Mesa (Rodolfo Castaneda Brigard)

This actor decided to update himself and switched to productions for the Internet; he works in the Colombian web series The queen of the Indies and the conquerorabout the history of Cartagena, which can be seen on Netflix.

4. Sara Corrales (Jessica Antoinette Morales)

She settled in Mexico and, although she has not left acting aside, she dedicated herself to working on her body to become a fitness influencer. In 2020, she became an entrepreneur by founding Vivo, a healthy food restaurant located in her native Medellín.

5. Alexandra Restrepo (Sandra Patricia «Patico» Rodriguez)

This comedian is still working on Happy Saturdays; she also performed various supporting roles in productions such as Mafia Dolls Y the nocturnal.

6. Fernando, El Flaco, Solorzano (Henry Jonas Patarroyo)

Al Flaco has never been short of work, which is why it is very normal to find him in the cast of major Colombian productions, such as the law of the heart, niche, The selectionetc.

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