Negra Candela rectified after linking L. Tejeiro’s father to drugs

During a radio program Negra Candela rectified after linking L. Tejeiro’s father to drugs seized by authorities in recent weeks.

Last November 17 General Ricardo Alarcón (Antinarcotics Director of the National Police) announced through a recording broadcast on networks that uniformed men would have achieved the interception of a ton of cocaine, which was mobilized through a water ship that moved in the port center of Buenaventura.

In the short video, the agent stated that said shipment came from Ecuador and its destination would be Spain. He added a fact that caused quite a stir, because he said that although they did not have full identification, said drug trafficking shipment would link the father of a renowned actress of the national show business.

At the time, he did not give further details, however, hours later Graciela Torres, better known in the world of entertainment as The «Negra Candela» assured that according to its sources the person related to this seizure would be none other than the father of the renowned actress and influencer Lina Tejeiro, Eduardo González.

Negra Candela rectified after linking L. Tejeiro’s father to drugs

Given the unusual information, national media such as Blu Radio contacted General Ricardo Alarcón to corroborate said information. There the uniformed man clarified that although it was revealed that the person involved would be «the father of a famous actress», Tejeiro was never mentioned. He confessed that the only clues they have about the suspect is that his alias is ‘the black janitor’, and that he is the father of an actress.

After this scandal, at first the protagonist of the series ‘Chichipatos’ did not make any comment or mention about it (despite the intense wave of accusations, criticism and bad comments that she received from hundreds of Internet users) however, according to As the days passed, he shared some stories that showed that this was simply not a problem that affected him, since he even made some jokes at an airport.

After a few days, the actress announced through a short recording shared on her official Instagram account that before the disclosure of said false information, she took action and obtained the defense of the renowned lawyer Abelardo de la Espriella.

There de la Espriella not only announced that he would take on Tejeiro’s representation but also demanded correction from the media that linked his client to the owner of said drug shipment.

For this reason, in the last few hours and during its airtime on the Olímpica Stereo radio station, ‘Negra Candela’ corrected said information, stating that «what was reported on November 18 corresponds to an erroneous or inaccurate data provided by a journalistic source.»

Here the full recording:

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