Natural women from «Without breasts if there is paradise»

In Colombia it is normal to see a beautiful woman, Colombian women are characterized by their polished physical features, in addition to the fact that their hair and figure are really exotic and it is clear that these types of women are seen on television.

The protagonists of the telenovela Sin senos yes there is paradise captivated, as they look very sexy behind the scenes of the production in which they participated. carmen villalobos Y majida issa now they did leave several gentlemen speechless, after a couple of behind-the-scenes videos of a sexy photo shoot that they did together.

The interesting thing is that these two women are natural, their beauty has been carved with good exercise and healthy eating. Do not believe it? Check this out.

It is because of that the sexy Colombian Carmen Villalobos constantly publishes photographs in which she shows off her body with very little clothing, for this reason, her followers question her if she has gone through the scalpel and she answers them like this.

“Carmen, have you had any surgery”, asked Vicky Dávila, “Yes”, answered Carmen, “I can show you, look, the tonsils”, said the beautiful actress towards the camera, causing the communicator to laugh.

In the same case is Majida Issa, who was asked the same question, how many surgeries do you have? what he answered “I don’t have any surgery, I have never wanted to have one. You have to think about it very well, I think that having surgery is not bad, but doing surgery lightly is not good either, ”he told Telemundo a few months ago.

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