Natural trick to repopulate the eyebrows

If you are already bored of applying makeup to your sparse eyebrows, we have an infallible trick for you to make them grow back, and it is natural!

This has happened to all of us. We are bored at home on a Sunday afternoon and decide to pluck our eyebrows. We grab an epilator and start removing hair by hair while we watch TV, chat or do anything else. Then we look in the mirror and realize that we got out of handso we try to match the other eyebrow, but the same thing happens to us, over and over again.

At some point, between sweat and tears, we realize that we no longer have eyebrows, so we are forced to draw an unsightly pencil line. The worst thing is that, generally, the hairs of the eyebrows do not grow back in a thick and uniform way… Horror! We have been like a mime!

And that when it was our mistake, how about when they «disappoint» us in the beauty salon? How to sue them! Will we be condemned for life to draw an expressionless line over our eyes? Nope! Fortunately there is a natural trick that can help you repopulate your eyebrowstake note!

Step by Step

  • Wash a small onion and mash it until it releases juice
  • then put on some swimming goggles and make sure they fit tightly over your eyes
  • With a cotton ball, apply the onion juice on your eyebrows, trying to reach the skin
  • Stay on your back until the onion juice dries
  • Let act for two hours
  • Remove with warm water without taking off your glasses
  • Repeat this trick every week, and you’ll see!

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Eye, before applying this trick to repopulate the eyebrows do a tolerance test (lest you be allergic) putting a little on your neck to rule out any redness or itching. And while you prepare this easy trick, laugh with the most horrifying eyebrows on the internet…

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