Natasha Klauss revealed her beauty secret with laundry soap

the renowned actress Natasha Klauss revealed her best kept beauty secret and the truth was that he surprised everyone with his statements.

The Cali actress remembered for her role as Sarita one of the Elizondo sisters in the now broadcast soap opera «Passion of Hawks» He confessed how he has done to keep his skin radiant.

Due to the release of “Pasión de Gavilanes” many of its actors have once again been on everyone’s lips, revealing curiosities about their lives and the recording set.

In the video released by the Canal Caracol, the 45-year-old actress revealed 5 of his secrets plus an extra, including one that could be considered a myth.

Natasha Klauss revealed her beauty secret

I like to bathe with cold water in this intense cold of Bogotá and I never use cosmetic soap. I mean, my body soap is called royal blue.

Answer from Natasha Klaus

His statement was forceful and he also justified it by saying that “a make-up artist who had beautiful and radiant skin was the one who shared the secret with him.”

Although she did not believe it, she explained that after trying this product she realized that it helps maintain the natural PH.

Natasha also recounted that his last name is actually his brother’s middle namewho, although she was born in Cali, feels more like a Barranquilla and does not have a partner.

Watch the full interview, because it’s hilarious and know the details that this beautiful actress hides that we can see at night in «Passion of Hawks».

Tell us what other things you use blue soap for besides washing clothes.

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