Natalia Reyes goes from gangs to Terminator

Natalia Reyes is a Colombian actress who went from the small screen to the big one, she has acted in several productions that we all remember and that have been very successful in the country.

Natalia Reyes is from Bogotá, a Colombian actress with extensive experience in numerous series, movies and plays in Colombia and the United States. Thanks to all the productions in which she has participated achieved one of his biggest dreams and is to participate in one of the most important and recognized films in Hollywood, terminator, a James Cameron production will also have guest appearances from Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton. We know that the news is very important and relevant for all Colombian actors, but we also wanted to take a tour of all the roles that Natalia Reyes has had and those that led her to be where she is.

1. War and Peace Gangs – character (Maria Fernanda) 2009

2. Isa TKM- character (Fabiana Medina) 2009-2010

3. A Clean Hand- character (Ana Lucia Giraldo) 2013

Four.Ninja Cumbia– character (Jessica) 2015

5. Lady the Seller of Roses – character (Lady Tabares) 2015

At the end we leave you an image where they show the actress and his new character in Terminator. How did they see it? Incredible where it started and where it ends, because this is not the end, I imagine that Natalia Reyes will continue to surprise us with her roles in different foreign productions; This is proof, girls, that dreams can be achieved and that there are no impossible goals or objectives. Everything that one wants can be done and in the end we can only say “Hasta la vista baby”.

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