Natalia Reyes appeared without makeup and in a bikini to talk about her experience with Isla

Natalie Reyes She surprised her followers by appearing without makeup and in a bikini to talk about how her whole experience with her baby Isla has been.

The Colombian actress who became known internationally when she was part of Terminator, later surprised again with another news, that of her pregnancy. Since then, she has shared with her followers how the whole experience of being a mother has been, but this time she did it with her little island.

Natalia Reyes posed with Isla al natural and talked about her experience as a mother

One of the celebrities who has shared her experience of being a mother without filters, has been precisely Natalia Reyes who is always seen naturally. That is why this time she published a photograph on her official Instagram account where she appeared carrying Isla in her arms And without a drop of makeup. She there she assured “A month of Isla’s life. A month of my new life. 30 days of being a mother, of learning to be one, of meeting this new being. A month of POSTPARTUM, of the dance of hormones, of the emotional roller coaster, of the disorganized body, of lack of sleep, of mourning for the old self. De moments of frustration in front of the baby who cries inconsolably and does not know what to do, of good days and bad days”.

In addition, she also wore a bikini 30 days after becoming a mother, which of course left her abdomen visible and which she accompanied with the description in which she later added “A month of a new body with new marks that I wear proudly as part of my history (cesarean scar, stretch marks, blemishes, hips). A month of losing hours in her eyes, of smelling her compulsively. A month of knowing infinite love, of truth, a month of ‘Everything happens’ as a mantra, nobody said it was easy but without a doubt it has been a month for which I feel the deepest gratitude. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Happy first month Island of my heart”.

His followers of course did not stop making comments where they highlighted how beautiful they looked together. And the image quickly reached more than 170 thousand likes.

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