Natalia Ramírez was the first eliminated from MasterChef Celebrity

The renowned Colombian actress, Natalia Ramírez, was the first eliminated from MasterChef Celebrity 2022. In networks, he thanked his fans for their messages of support!

After facing two demanding challenges, where in addition to receiving the black apron, the celebrities experienced moments of tension due to a discussion starring Tostao and Aco Pérez, Luis Enrique Arango, Aida Morales, Pamela Ospina, Martín Karpan, Lucho Arango , Corozo, Natalia Ramírez, Carlos Baez and Cristina Campuzano had to measure their culinary skills again to avoid saying goodbye to the program before reaching the prestigious MasterChef kitchen.

Once ready, the chefs entered their positions one by one to demonstrate in 60 minutes that their skill in mixing flavors and textures was worthy of continuing in the competition.

Natalia Ramírez was the first eliminated from MasterChef Celebrity. It came out very soon!

One of the details that caught our attention was the presence of the comedian Daniela Ospina, since the paisa had not been able to be in the previous tests, so her first time cooking was in that elimination challenge, however, she was not alone in the everything, because she was constantly receiving the support of her companions.

The test ended and the dishes were ready for the jurors to taste. There, one of the preparations that conquered the three chefs was that of Aida Morales who decided to prepare a fabulous seafood casserole with which she, among other things, remembered her husband.

The dishes of the other cooks presented both successes and failures, however, one of the ones that presented the most failures was that of Natalia Ramírez, since the actress (remembered for her role as Marcela in the successful telenovela Betty, la fea) made a combination that did not convince the jury, so she was chosen to leave the competition.

After the announcement of her departure, the Colombian thanked for the opportunity and support, but stressed that she would have liked to continue learning on the program.

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