Natalia Paris published a photo in her underwear and sent her fans to bed happy

Natalia Paris published a photo in her underwear again on social networks and made her followers dream of her pronounced curves.

to the model and DJ paisa Many tell her that she was frozen in time because of her sensual photos because despite the passing of the years, she does not reveal her age. Since she began her professional career more than 25 years ago, Natalia Paris continues to be one of the women who retains an enviable body thanks to her healthy lifestyle that includes good nutrition and hard exercise routines.

Natalia Paris always surprises her fans with fiery photos in which she even does activism for the care of the environment. That image of an angelic woman on the one hand and fatal on the other, makes the public continue to see her as one of her spoiled ones.

Natalia Paris publishes a sensual photo in underwear and fixes the night for her fans

Although it is not a novelty that Natalia seduces with her infamous body, her fans always want to see her pose suggestively. On this occasion, the model fulfilled their dream of seeing her «naturally» before going to sleep, making topless and wearing some pantyhose of transparent lace, which revealed one of its main attributes: its train. The photo was accompanied by the message “Good night handsome 🛸🛸🍀”.

The sensuality of the image had an immediate response from the fans who left her all kinds of comments to show her that she is literally her dream:

“What a natural, pure beauty😍”

«Good night beautiful, sleeplessness of my life for so many years»

«That’s why you are my passion ❤️»

“A diva, what a woman’s sensuality, my platonic love ❤️”

“Simply wonderful, beautiful, precious, beautiful, incomparable, my impossible love😍😍😍😍😍”

“By God, what a divine woman, one is breathless”

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