Natalia Paris left Yina Calderón with her project

Apparently the model Natalia Paris left Yina Calderón in seen, «dressed and rowdy» after having said yes to the proposal to do a ‘Guaracha’ song together.

It was Yina Calderón herself who told Pulzo in an interview that until today Natalia has not given him an answer about his project.

At the time, the news generated great expectation. since everything happened through public messages on their Instagram accounts.

I wrote to him, look I have these tracks, where do I send them to you to see which one you like and literally ‘in seen’… He left me in seen, when I go and look at the record he’s going to release one with “Dj Sensual”, “Dj Sotic” , something like that, it’s Dj Exotic I think the boy’s name is…

Word of Yina Calderón when asked about her project with Natalia Paris.

Natalia Paris left Yina Calderón in seen

It should be clarified that the businesswoman does not blame Natalia for not having made the recording, since the model must surely have other commitments, although if he reproaches that he has not even answered the message he wrote to him.

Finally the person who interviews Yina tells her that Natalia is going to send her the video for ‘that to happen’ because at the time it was something that generated a lot of expectation.

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